Send to OmniFocus from Pivotal Tracker

April 10, 2012



This plugin adds a “Send to OmniFocus” button to each story in Pivotal Tracker that, when clicked, opens a pre-filled OmniFocus quick entry panel.

Send to OmniFocus in actionSend to OmniFocus in action



In my opinion, Pivotal Tracker is not a todo list, at least not in the GTD sense. The tracker’s stories are by far not granular enough to be actionable. So you need to break them up into bits that you, yourself consider convenient. That’s why I import all my stories from Pivotal to my private organizer.

As I’m trying out OmniFocus for a change, I wanted a quick way to get Pivotal stories to my inbox — so I made this extension.


I’m not affiliated with either OmniGroup or Pivotal Labs.

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  1. 48a4cd5044867757a69c19355fd45573 # On January 30, 2015 PJG wrote:

    What happened to the extension? It is no longer available :( I would really like to use it!

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