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How to export favorites from Skobbler GPS Nav

December 28, 2015 in Software

As of December 2015, the Skobbler GPS Nav app provides no official way to export your favorites.

But, if you sign up and sync the favorites with their website, you can then extract them using some JavaScript.

Go to Skobbler Maps, login with your account, confirm that the favorites are synced, then copy and paste the following script into your browser’s developer console. (In Google Chrome, it’s the View -> Developer -> JavaScript Console menu item.) The script will then dump a JSON of your favorites into the console.

function favesToGeoJson(faves) {
  return {
    type: "FeatureCollection",
    features: faves.map(function (fave) {
      return {
        type: "Feature",
        geometry: {
          type: "Point",
          coordinates: [Number(fave.lon), Number(fave.lat), 0],
        properties: fave,

function collectFavorites(collected, lastTimestamp) {
  $.post("/favorites/list", { ts: lastTimestamp }, function (data) {
    if (data.favorites.length > 0) {
      collectFavorites(collected.concat(data.favorites), data.ts);
    } else {

collectFavorites([], false);

Then you just have to copy-paste the dump from the console.

This JSON is in the GeoJSON format. I’ve found one online tool that can convert the GeoJSON to a variety of formats. You can view the GeoJSON data in Github Gist.

(By the way, Skobbler is my favorite GPS application for iPhone - it has offline maps and turn-based routing and is based on OpenStreetMap.)

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