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I'm doing the Udacity AI course, and you should too

February 29, 2012 in General programming

The Udacity project aims to make university-level education available online. Right now they have only two courses available, Programming 101 and AI 373. Both seem equally interesting, with 101 having you code a search engine and 373 focusing on programming robotic cars. I chose the latter.

So far the course covered a hefty chunk of probability theory and had some Python code in it. I’d recommend it to programmers of all trades, personally I missed some coding that is be completely tangential to what I am usually working on.

I really like how the course is built, merging Youtube videos with quizzes and a comfortable online Python environment.

I made a little demo for Unit 2 of the course: Kalman filters. In essense, you feed it a sequence of mouse clicks representing a (linear) movement and it says where the next click would probably be.

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