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Readable Google Reader

August 17, 2011 in Projects

The settings page

Each week my Google Reader receives about one thousand articles. I try to at least skim all of them.

The default Reader article formatting is so horrible that I find it easier to read them off my iPod (with Byline). One thing that’s especially horrible on a 1080p monitor is that the text is 100% wide. If it would be some blog I’d use Readability to fix the typography. But Readability doesn’t work with Google Reader

So I made Readable Google Reader - a userscript that does the same thing as Readability but for Google Reader articles. It allows you to choose font family and size, and the text width, with a convenient settings page.

I recommend using this with the Google Reader Minimalistic userscript, which hides the useless header from Reader.

The userscript is tested in Firefox with Greasemonkey and in Chrome.

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