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RSS blues

August 27, 2013 in Software

I’ve found out recently that my posts are duplicated in Feedly - sorry for that. Is this post also duplicated? Please comment if you’re using Feedly.

On a similar note, if you just got all of my posts in your RSS feed again, sorry again - this is due to me adding a guid attribute to the posts in the feed. This is sort of recommended for the feed to be valid, and I think it’ll fix the Feedly bug.

Also, since 3 months ago I’m not using Feedburner to serve my feeds, having moved to FeedPress. FeedPress’ stats have a ways to go, but they’re OK for the time being. Unlike Feedburner, FeedPress is gracious to keep my feed URL intact for easy migration in the future.

Also, if you’re reading this in an RSS reader, thanks! You are totally doing this right.

On the topic of RSS, I use a private setup of Fever to read mine. Fever’s “killer feature” is fishing out “hot” posts and top linked pages from high-volume feeds. It’s not very effective. A major problem with the implementation is that it uses link text to name the pages, and people often name their links terribly. But, aside from that, Fever works and looks great (it’s a webapp) and it supports Reeder on the iPhone and has a custom iPhone client named Sunstroke, but Reeder is better unless you use the hot page feature a lot.

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