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SB - a command-line helper for Sublime Text projects

August 13, 2016 in Projects

If you want to use Sublime Text from the command line, there is the subl command line utility available out of the box.

But I wanted a convenient way to say “open the Sublime Text project from this directory; create a project file from a template, if none exists”. I have my own sb tool for that, which I’m publishing here.

I use sb all the time so that I don’t have to hunt for project files, and fill common ignores for every new project.

Get sb on GitHub

My Sublime Text workflow

I have a projectname.sublime-project file (and corresponding workspace) for each project. The project is typically configured with the project folder, the project-specific ignores (NPM node_modules or Rails tmp or Go’s vendor come to mind), and sometimes plugin settings, like enabled or disabled Sublime Linter linters.

I open each project in a separate Sublime Text window. To open the projects, I just use sb; this is convenient as I always open projects from the command line.

That’s how I worked in my Vim years, and it has changed little in Sublime Text. I also use Sublime Text with no tabs or the sidebar and rely on the keyboard for navigation.

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