MacBook Air

M1 MacBook Air: a laptop that does not suck
Top performance and no fan. For me, it's the best laptop.
January 16, 2022

Water, laptops, and how to assemble and install Macbook Air keys
My Air had met its mortal enemy a couple of days ago: dihydrogen monoxide. Contact with this dangerous chemical had left a couple keys («A» and «S», no less) out of order.
September 16, 2013

Should you get a MacBook Air?
I’m quite often asked for advice regarding the purchase of an MacBook Air over a Pro. Is it powerful enough, they usually ask.
November 14, 2012

Macbook Air 2011 13" и внешний монитор
Подключил, наконец, макбук к внешнему монитору.
April 14, 2012

Обзор MacBook Air 13" 2011
Я покупал Air, чтобы таскать его в поездки, валяться с ним на диване и сидеть в туалете. И я им доволен.
October 7, 2011